Workshops/seminars/retreat options

Terry Lieb is a popular, sought-after speaker who has given presentations to a wide variety of religious and secular audiences, including church congregations, religious conferences and retreats, institutes of higher learning, nonprofits, corporate groups, and leadership teams.

Although he specializes in designing programs customized to needs of the specific audience he is addressing, several programs have been requested so often that he now offers them as packages. These include:

Exploring Your God Image

Who is God to you? This highly personalized, experiential workshop/seminar helps participants gain a clear and accurate understanding of their present God image, uncover its origins, and explore how their God image affects their daily life, as well as presenting various strategies to open us up to more fully experiencing the God who seeks us out each day.
*This topic can be presented as a keynote, daylong workshop or multi-day retreat.

Looking for “GOD FINDS” in Daily Life

God isn’t just something you learn about in church on Sundays or “figure out” once and for all. Our understanding of and relationship with God can—and should—be ongoing and constantly evolving. This workshop will introduce participants to a highly-effective transformational strategy called “GOD FINDS” that can help them experience God in their lives on a daily basis and forge a dynamic, living relationship with our awesome unconditionally-loving Creator.
*This topic can be presented as a keynote or daylong workshop.

Total Wellness

Wellness is a popular buzz word these days. But many models don’t take into account all the areas necessary for a truly holistic approach to self-care. This workshop identifies 10 areas of wellness and how all areas are connected and influence one another. Although it may seem overwhelming to think about adding more wellness categories when we don’t even have time to tackle the familiar ones, by consciously leveraging the power of their interconnectedness and implementing Terry’s 10 practical guidelines for change, participants will find that even small, gradual, integrated steps can have profound effects.
*This topic can be presented as a keynote, daylong workshop or multi-day retreat and is appropriate for religious or secular audiences.

The Power of Play

This offering focuses on one of the most overlooked components in Terry’s total wellness program: the element of FUN. Based on the speed at which we live our lives today and a growing dependency on activities and externals to provide us with entertainment, we have lost touch with our own capacity to create joyful, life-affirming fun and humor. This engaging workshop will explore the reasons we need to take fun seriously, identify the difference between healthy and hurtful humor, and help participants build more laughter and play into their lives, starting NOW!
*This topic can be presented as a keynote or daylong workshop and is appropriate for religious or secular audiences.


Based in Pennsylvania and Florida, Terry is available for travel. He also welcomes interviews in all mediums. Contact Terry for more information regarding speaking engagements, interviews, roundtables, or any other opportunities for dialogue.

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